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Balkan Sunflowers for Kosovo refugees

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L E T   T H E   S U N F L O W E R S   B L O S S O M   A G A I N !

International Volunteer Project to help the Kosovo refugees




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Balkan Sunflowers
Prague based
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Bathore Project
6 October 1999

Foto exhibition "Departures, returns"

Children's drawings from refugees in Albania

Opening Balkan Sunflowers Community Centre, Tirana
1 October 1999

Peace Hostel Tirana 
2 October 1999

Street children in 
14 August 1999

Wam's trip to Kosov@,
5 - 8 August 1999

Recovery of a football field in Tirana
31 July 1999

Wam's trip to Kosov@,
11 - 14 July 1999

Children and voluteers in the Tirana orphanage (10/07/99)

Albanian Youth Council,
Seminar 5 July 1999

A diary page in pictures: 2 July: A Dutch army convoy with Teddybears (02/07/99)

Camp of Premiere Urgence (29/06/99)

Children of the Rotary Camp, Tirana (29/06/99)

Meeting of the UNHC (29/06/99)

Refugees on the way home (24/06/99)

The first work in Way Station Shemri (24/06/99)

Children and volunteers in Kashar (22/06/99)

Tirana Impressions
last update:
21 August 1999

Albania Impressions

Refugee camp Tirana

Tirana Airport

Refugee camps




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- Wam Kat -
one of the initiators of the Sunflowers project
and author of the Zagreb and Tirana diaries

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The pictures on these pages are available in high quality format. You can download them for free to promote the Balkan Sunflower project, or for media purposes - with mentioning of the source. Otherwise are all copyrights reserved.


You can also download the text of the english leaflet of the Balkan Sunflowers.
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